Plantago Ovata

Our product range includes a wide range of plantago ovata.

Plantago Ovata

Approx. Rs 310 / Kilogram

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  • Excessive use can lead to hampered digestive power of the body as it is in itself very hard to digest and is also not absorbed by the small intestine due to its very high fiber content
  • As Isabgol husk imbibes water it can choke throat and lead to serious consequences hence, it should be used with caution
  • Cases of hypersensitivity to Isabgol have also been documented
  • Isabgol intake should be accompanied by intake of ample fluids and water otherwise it may lead to intestinal obstruction
  • In patients of arthritis and other joint pains Isabgol intake may aggravate the pain due to its cool potency
  • Some studies suggest that Isabgol is harmful for the hips and nerves
  • In post natal care also it should be used with caution by the mothers

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